Latest Covid Update

Hey Families,

I have good news and bad news… The good news first:

Dynasty Fitness is moving next door to Kidz Bounce and taking over the warehouse space directly to the left of our current location. We will be increasing our usable space from about 2,400 sq/ft to almost 5,500 sq/ft. We are very excited and grateful to have the opportunity to grow into a much larger space right next door.  

Moving to the new gym will allow us to improve almost every aspect of the parkour class experience. More space for warm-ups, skills work, the obstacle course and games. 

And now… the bad news:

Gov. Inslee has ordered the shutdown of non-essential businesses so in-class parkour classes are suspended for the next four weeks. 

What is Dynasty Fitness going to do during the next four weeks?

In-person classes will be cancelled. We will be holding online workouts nightly with your favorite coaches. Click HERE to register. All ages will be able to participate. Classes will begin at 4:30pm. A link will be sent out mid-day on Monday, November 16th and daily thereafter. 

Coach Adam and other staff will be working on getting the new gym ready for classes in the new space January 1st. 

What does this mean for your child?

Physical activity is critical to mental health. We are offering nightly parkour classes live on our YouTube channel. These classes can be taken live or watched later on. Your student will have access to new parkour workouts every night of the week. Click HERE to register. A link will be sent out mid-day on Monday, November 16th and daily thereafter.

Is Dynasty Fitness going to bill moving forward?

Not for regular classes. The only billing for December will be for the online class. We are going to keep the online classes going until December 18th. If you would like to support us going into December, please consider enrolling in our online class HERE or simply reply to this email.

What is going to happen to your tuition?

November tuition will not be refunded or credited. 

Once we are ready to open in the new gym, enrolled families who maintain an active membership will have unlimited in-person class access for the first month (hopefully January).

*You will not be charged until we are able to run in-person classes again unless you enroll in our online class*

How can you help Dynasty Fitness?

If you would like to support our gym during this time, there are multiple ways to do so.

  1. Enroll in our online classes HERE.

  2. Purchase a gift card from our website HERE

  3. Volunteer to help disassemble the old gym and or assemble the new one.