Dynasty Fitness

Victory Without Competition

Dynasty Fitness is not your normal gym. We are a class-based parkour facility that focuses on safe progressions of physical movement. No matter what your size or skill level, Parkour teaches physical self awareness and control while strengthening the entire body. Master your own movements including: running, jumping, balance, swinging, crawling, and climbing. You will also learn how to safely find your own physical limits.


Adam Truesdell - WFPF Certifed

Head coach

Adam Truesdell has been an active member of the parkour community since  2006. He then found a few other practitioners who came together to create "Parkour Visions," a non­profit organization devoted to promoting safe and fun teaching techniques. In 2007, Adam moved to Los Angeles, CA to work as a stuntman in the entertainment industry. He was sponsored by the "World Federation of Parkour and Freerunning," worked on MTV's “Ultimate Parkour Challenge," Spike TV’s "1000 Ways to Die," and most notably competed against over 5,000 contestants to win a top 10 spot on G4's "American Ninja Warrior." This earned Adam a parkour coaching position at the world famous "White Lotus Martial Arts Center."   

Adam has since devoted his life to coaching kids and adults in various physical disciplines. 



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Camerin Clay has been a parkour athlete for almost 6 years. At 18 years old, he's developed into an extremely mature coach who is still able to connect and inspire young and old students alike. His quick wit and nimble techniques make him a perfect coach for our program.

Camerin Clay - Adapt Certified


Brayden Schorfhaar found parkour through YouTube at age 8, has been training since 2011. He primarily focuses on flow and low-impact movement. He credits parkour to having "changed his life."

Outside of parkour, Brayden is an avid photographer and skiier.

Brayden Schorfhaar


Junior Coaches


Tate Wypyszyk - WFPF Certified


Scott Rigby - WFPF Certified


Past Coaches

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Brian Unger has been training in parkour for over 9 years with 5 of those working at Parkour Visions in Seattle.  PKV was the first parkour gym in Washington and one of the first in the country.  
With Brian’s background in Parkour aligning closely with Adam’s, we are very happy to have another classically trained parkour instructor on the team.  Brian’s specialty involves injury prevention/recovery, ground-level and low-impact progression methods.

Brian Unger


Ike Balmer is one of our favorite coaches. His laid back mentality and smooth parkour moves always inspire. He's got a great personality that lights up the room. We have him at the front desk mostly, but he'll coach sometimes.

Ike Balmer


Garrett joins Dynasty in his tenth year of training parkour, with five years of coaching experience. He has a background in competitive and recreational gymnastics, collegiate springboard diving, rock climbing, and yoga. While he loves the PNW, he brings lessons learned from training across the United States, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. 

When not training or coaching, Garrett works full time with the organization Stand With Congo and enjoys cooking, coffee, and politics with his partner and friends. 

Garrett Moore


Bryan started training Parkour in 2008 teaching himself the philosophy and discipline through Parkour Generation/Yamakasi YouTube videos and Ryan Ford's Demon Drills series. Since then he has become a certified level 1 and 2 coach with Parkour Visions gym in Seattle, Wa. Furthermore he has a background in strength and conditioning for parkour and sports psychology in competitive settings.
His training style focuses on powerful high line movements incorporating technical footwork and a love for fear and height challenges.

Bryan Riggins


Brandee has been practicing and teaching parkour since 2006. As an athlete she is known for her fluid, low-impact movement style. As a coach, she's known and respected throughout the global parkour community for her attention to detail, creative approaches to training, and for bringing playful energy into her instruction. A curious human and avid doer-of things, Brandee is also a juggler, a poet, and can often be found hanging out in the trees.

Brandee Laird