Join us at Dynasty Fitness for a week jam-packed with fun, games and parkour!
Your kids will come home at the end of the day happy and exhausted as we will
engage your kids with activities that would not be possible in our normal classes.
Each day will begin with an open gym to get your kids’ bodies and brains active.
Dynamic strength and mobility warm-ups will be guided before moving on to full
scale obstacle course challenges. Each student will get the opportunity to find and
push their own physical and mental limits. Balance, agility, explosiveness, fear, and
crash/bail techniques (ukemi) will be practiced.
Lunches will not be provided.
When: Monday–Friday, 9am–4pm
Cost: $450
Discount for additional family members


2021 Winter Camps

All Levels



"Gilyon Brace-Wessel has been Bboying for over 18 years and teaching for over 12. He currently lives in Los Angeles doing work as a dancer and artist in the entertainment industry, Non-Profit sector, and as a cultural ambassador. He has extensive experience training all age groups, and specializes in the foundations of breakdancing and related conditioning techniques. He can be seen in the film 'Battle of the Year' and has toured the US doing stunts as an original cast member of the Marvel Universe Live show."

Workshop info In this 90 minute workshop, we will break down the fundamental elements of breakdancing. Students will be taught the basic grooves, rhythm, steps and freezes. Because this is an acrobatic and flourishing art form, we will also cover exercises to condition our bodies with increased core strength, balance, flexibility and a wider range of motion. This class is for all levels of ability. For those who are more experienced and coordinated, each exercise will have a more advanced option.


Women's Workshop - FULLY BOOKED

Cordelia Storm

Cordelia is a local athlete and trainer who has overcome personal obstacles while learning to love her body through parkour.  She has been training for over a decade and is also a parkour, strength training, and mobility coach. This workshop is specifically for girls and women who want to learn and practice in a comfortable, non-intimidating environment. 

Date: January 21st, 2018
Cost: FREE!  (Priority goes to members)
Limit of 15 people per class


12pm - 2pm for level 1 and 2

3pm - 5pm for level 3 and adults


Oleg Vorslav


We are excited to announce our first
workshop hosted by the incredibly talented
Oleg Vorslav! Oleg started doing parkour
as a young boy in Latvia and is now a
sponsored athlete of the World Federation
of Parkour and Free-running. Oleg and
Adam met while working on the set of
MTV's Ultimate Parkour Challenge, and
they have been friends ever since. You may
have already seen him around the gym as
he has been guest coaching recently.
We will be offering the workshop to our
Level 3 students and adults, which will be
broken up into 2 two-hour sessions. During
the workshop, Oleg will be going over body
weight conditioning drills and exercises. He
is a master at monkey bars and fluid
movement, thus will teach you how to
connect your movements and tie
everything into a sweet line. Learn how to
add some flair to your moves with the
original king of parkour style.


Thank you oleg!


First workshop was a huge success. Kids class was full, we had one puker but he came right back in and held strong to the end. The adult class saw more adults than ever before in the gym. Here's a quote "This weekend I completed my first (adult) workshop and was pushed harder than I have been in years. I was able to improve my technique, get a solid workout, meet some great people, and have fun doing it. I’m now looking forward to joining the open gym sessions and will likely sign up for an adult class soon."