Cost: $99

4 Classes per month on the same weekly class. $10 trial to see if it's a good fit. The first month is pro-rated.


Classes are 1-hour long. Beginning with a full-body warm-up to get the body and mind ready. Following the warm-up, students will begin to learn skills and start conditioning the body to become stronger. The second half of our class is spent on the obstacle course. Each student will get an opportunity to run our obstacle course 4 times. After the course, there is often the time for a game, open gym time or a cool down. 

Before the end of each class, each student will have had the chance to run, jump, swing, move on all fours, balance, support their own weight with just their hands and challenge their own sense of fear and find something to overcome. 

Below is a very general description of Level requirements. Our classes are separated mostly by size. If you are new, these are not hard requirements but may help you understand what your student might need to move to the next level.

Level 1

Ages 7-9:  Starter class for younger and smaller students to learn the basics of parkour. Learning moves, commands, exercises. Coaches will assist, but students are expected to eventually be able to follow along and be somewhat independent.

Level 2

Ages 8-11: Our intermediate class for kids who are very active and strong, but don't yet have range, focus, or maturity for Level 3.

Level 3

Ages 9-12: Upper-level class for focused and motivated students. Many activities have an increased level of risk. Students may be expected to perform two pull-ups or at least 15 push-ups consecutively.

Teens & Adult

Ages 13+: The adult parkour is structured the same way as the kid's classes, but is scaled up for larger bodies. Due to the range of skills and abilities in the adult class, we are able to modify drills and obstacles so everybody can achieve the same goals in different ways.

Aerial Awareness

High-level class for students looking to propel their physical limits. Skills covered: Inversions and rotations on and off objects. The majority of students will not have the required core strength when they begin this class. Three-month minimum enrollment recommended.