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Our Facility

Dynasty Fitness is not a playground, trampoline park, or ninja gym. We strive to create an environment that challenges your students in a controlled way. Our instructors are professional athletes who are trained in keeping your children safe during high-risk activities.


5000 sqft

Our aim is to replicate outdoor and urban environments in a controlled and dynamic setting. Our gym layout changes on a week-by-week basis to ensure that there are always new ways to challenge yourself. 


Dynasty Fitness is here to create careers for passionate parkour athletes who want to share their gifts with the world. Our team is made up of highly trained, compassionate, patient, and friendly instructors.

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“At-home skills” and “What will my kid get from Parkour classes?”

“Week 1: Understanding of quadrupedal movement, basic vaults, and precisions


Exercises at home: Quadrupedal crawl, “ABCs” handstand against the wall


Week 2: Increased comfort in the environment. Improved balance, understanding of distance, and personal space.


Exercises at home: Week one’s exercises + frog jumps with full extension and lunges.


Week 3: Developed confidence in physical abilities. Increased core strength.


Exercises at home: Week one + two’s exercises + sideways monkey (keeping tail down and chin up.) + Kongs (Working on extending the body with Kongs.)


Week 4: Understanding when and how to fall and when to bail. Increased proprioception and developing “Parkour Vision.” 


Exercises at home: Week one + two + three’s exercises forwards and backward

After 1 month: Student has the understanding and knowledge to perform our basic warm-up outside of class.


Health Benefits:  Increased cardiovascular endurance, pain tolerance, and boosted confidence.


After 2 months: Reduced antisocial behavior. Creatively applying parkour sequences outside of class.


Health Benefits: Increased bone density and tensile strength


After 3 Months: Better focus on tasks and challenges and improved personal relationships. 


Health Benefits: Increased mobility and overall athletic explosiveness.


Parkour is about challenging yourself to be better than you were before. Everything we do can be modified or intensified depending on how you are feeling mentally or physically. 

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