Starting a class takes 3 easy steps!

Step 1: Register and fill out our waiver. 
Step 2: Attend an introductory class and receive a level assessment.
Step 3: Sign up for classes!


$10 Introductory Class

Try this out to see if it's a good fit. If you would like to continue the enrollment, please speak with the coach or front desk after the class to see what works best for you.

1 class per week - $99 per month

For many students, one class per week is plenty. Our curriculum includes strength, mobility and awareness development. Each class covers body-weight activities designed for students to push/pull their own body-weight. Developing new techniques to overcome obstacles. Aspects of each class cover quadrupedal movement, running, jumping, balance, hand-eye coordination, and addressing how we overcome fear in a controlled setting.

2 classes per week - $175 per month

Many students who wish to improve their skills or increase their strength may sign up for two classes a week with a 25% discount off the second class.

Family Discount - 15%

Parkour is for the whole family. Regardless of skill and ability, our classes adapt to the current students. We will show every member of your family safe and effective parkour methods to make your next family outing fun and active.

Open Gym - $15

Come apply your skills from class in a dynamic environment where you can train and play with your friends and family. Never been to the gym before? Come out and try some stuff out. We will have coaches on staff to help you overcome challenges or even learn some new moves.

Guest Workshop

With a network of ninja warriors, stuntmen and parkour professionals you will receive world-class instruction in some of your favorite activities.

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