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Dynasty Fitness

Climbing, vaulting, jumping, and swinging are just the beginning of what your student will learn in classes from our passionate instructors! They will meet new friends, develop confidence and build lasting friendships!  Watch your child's development climb to new heights at Dynasty Fitness.

Parkour Classes Near me

Parkour Classes

We are a Parkour gym. Parkour is the art of moving through an environment as efficiently and fluidly as possible using only the human body. It’s a lot like a martial arts program, but instead of fighting, we teach flight. Our classes are for students 7 and above.

Learning parkour at Dynasty Fitness unlocks a lifelong positive relationship with fitness and play. Join us and try a parkour class this week! 

Aerial Art Classes

Aerial Arts

If aerial skills have your kid's eye, then Dynasty Fitness Gym is the place to be! In addition to a skill and confidence-building class, kids will exercise their creativity through the silks and lyra. Our instructors have been coaching the aerial arts for years and will help your kids build strength, coordination, and skill. Come join some of our fun and exciting classes at Dynasty Fitness today!

Parkour Day Camp for Kids

Join our Summer and Day Camps at Dynasty Fitness for an exciting parkour experience, led by certified and passionate coaches for kids ages 7-17. Our program is a great supplement to your child's sports routine, providing an unforgettable parkour adventure.


Each day starts with an open gym to get the kids' bodies and brains active, followed by dynamic warm-ups that lead to full-scale obstacle course challenges. Students will learn balance, agility, explosiveness, fear, and crash/bail techniques (ukemi) while safely finding and pushing their physical and mental limits.


Our coaches create a safe and fun environment for kids to grow, learn, and persevere. Teamwork is emphasized, and each student is encouraged to explore their potential. 

Please note that lunches will not be provided!

8:50 am - 4:00 pm (Some snacks provided)

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